Coronial Inquests

Coronial Inquests

Coronial Inquests

If you have lost a loved one to questionable medical treatment, or in a suspicious fire, or as a result of a suspicious death, you can request a Coronial Inquest. Finding out what happened and the reason why it happened is very important to the family of the deceased. So, it is important to have appropriate and independent legal representation in a Coronial Inquest.

At Danny Eid Lawyers, we have represented numerous families in high profile Coronial Inquests to help find out what really happened.

What is a Coronial Inquest?

A Coronial Inquest is a court hearing where the Coroner will investigate the manner and cause of death. The Coroner may call for witnesses to provide evidence of their knowledge about the circumstance of the death.

What does a Coroner do?

The Coroner’s job is to identify the manner and cause of death. If the Coroner believes appropriate, he or she may:

  • Investigate the death on his or her own
  • Take possession of the dead body
  • Conduct an exhumation or an autopsy
  • Subpoena medical experts to provide evidence at the inquest
  • Subpoena other people who may have knowledge about the incident

Our Assistance

  • Searching for evidence
  • Preparing witness statements
  • Representing your interests by providing advocacy at the Inquest
  • Challenging parties who may have an interest in the Inquest.

Our Expertise

Danny Eid Lawyers have handled complex of coronial cases and many which have led to successful actions against hospitals.

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